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Thanks for stopping by. On this blog I am interested in the stories that surround music and dancing. I hope you’ll contribute your voice to the conversation.

I also post music, stories, and poems from time to time. Feel free to share your experiences with the stories and tunes. I am especially interested to see performances of the tunes, folks dressed as their favorite characters, and artwork created by fans. Post your YouTube or Facebook links so we can all enjoy!

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  1. Jae Furman
    March 4, 2014

    My Favorite Dance

    It’s obvious
    that music brings the body of souls to dance.
    We cannot help but see the connection.
    But let’s not forgot how the taste of sweetness
    makes the feet want to flitter
    or the smell of a bouquet
    can make the hips want to rattle.
    How about the dance of spectators when the score is achieved
    with the dance of their hero at that precise moment of triumph?
    Amazing how they dance together.
    Let’s not forget how the beauty of nature
    can bring the knees to shaking
    and the thought of our loved ones
    can lead tiptoeing to the brink of wooziness.
    What of dolphins, puppies, honey bees and parotias?
    What excites them so, from which they helplessly frolic?
    So many dancers inspired in so many ways.
    Which is your favorite?
    To shiver and skip in soulful explosion
    without thought or conscience,
    with little care for consequence or reaction
    filled with unbridled joy –
    that is my favorite dance of all.

    –Jae Furman

    • tyler
      March 4, 2014

      Lovely, Jae. To shiver and skip. I love these childlike images and actions.


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