Voicings: Alice Osborn

Heroes without Capes cover“The theme is being an other in a place where a lot of people don’t understand you.” This is what Alice Osborn has to say about her new book, “Heroes without Capes,” which features poems written from the perspective of various misunderstood heroes, including Darth Vader and Bruce the Shark. That these heroes can share their hopes and insecurities speaks volumes about Osborn’s ability to write at once with humor and sensitivity.

I sat down with Alice recently to discuss poetry, her upcoming book, and her work as a writing coach and editor.

Alice Osborn profile“Compartmentalize” is the advice she gives new writers, who often struggle with how to share personal stories while keeping the focus on the writing aesthetic rather than veering off onto a personal healing journey. She should know. As a writing coach and editor she conducts many workshops and helps a lot of new writers find their wings.

She’s also passionate about introducing new readers to the vibrant world of poetry. One of the ways she does this is by keeping her selections accessible at readings instead of breaking out the ‘tricky’ poems that befuddled so many of us in high school literature class.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

You can read more about Alice Osborn at aliceosborn.com.

Voicings is a series of interviews conducted by writer Tyler Johnson featuring writers, musicians, artists, and thinkers in their own words.