Haw River Ballroom

Last night I was at the Haw River Ballroom with friends. With the low sun casting deep orange shadows into the old mill we watched the Haw River rolling quietly below us. It was a lovely evening.

I was there to share readings but was lucky enough to have Trish Hornick come with her fiddle. We played a few tunes for the crowd.

Many thanks to Ricky Garni for taking these great photos.

4 Replies to “Haw River Ballroom”

    1. We missed you, too. If you haven’t eaten at The Eddy, you really must try it. The food is outstanding. And the light was just gorgeous.

      1. It was a wonderful evening – fantastic and thank you, Tyler.

        (sometime you will have to tell me if Celtic music uses pentatonic scales. It seems like that. I guess I should go figure it out!)

        1. Thanks for taking such wonderful pictures, Ricki. Wasn’t the light terrific? Celtic music uses major scales mostly, but some major tunes use mixolydian and a lot of the minor tunes are dorian. It has to do with the fact that a lot of the early instruments could really only play in one key. Not a lot to do on those cold Celtic nights expect try to make up tunes that start on different notes…

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