Bluebirds – Construction Begins


This pair of bluebirds has decided to build a nest in my garden. The box has recently been moved and we were worried that this pair might not come back this year. To encourage them we’ve not been using the garden entrance.


I planted cotton last year and have left some bolls lying about the garden in hopes that someone might use it to make a comfy bed.


They’ve been checking it out for a few weeks. Mother came and sat on top to survey the garden for safety and the potential for bugs.


Yesterday they decided to go for it and this morning has been all a-flutter. Papa stands guard on the fence ready to call out a warning or fend off intruders. Meanwhile, Mama has been gathering sticks for all she’s worth. She’ll disappear into the hole, and then the whole box will shake as she redecorates. Then it’s off for more.


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